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New Code of Practice for commercial property relationships during the COVID-19 pandemic

(Copley Clark is part of the Parfitt Cresswell Group)Over the last 3 months we at Parfitt Cresswell have been advising landlords and tenants on the different ways in which they can help each other deal

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Copley Clark Monthly Commercial Property Bulletin 1

With the June quarter day approaching this month both landlords and tenants of commercial premises will no doubt be concerned as to whether the rents due under their lease will or can be paid. This is

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The Impact of Covid-19 upon commercial leases

The impact of Covid-19 on commercial leases will present challenges for landlords and tenants alike, the big issues being the ongoing payment of rent and provision of services.Landlords and tenants should

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Buying and selling business property

If you are in the process of buying or selling a commercial property its important to first consider the many issues that can arise. At Copley Clark we can make sure you make the right decision from the

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Business leases and licences

When deciding to use or agree to lease or a licence it is important to recognise the crucial differences between the two. At Copley Clark we can advise you on the necessary information you need to make

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